Thursday, May 31, 2012

Decided to kick things off with a reposting of some of my most recent work, my "A is for..." series that i've decided to start up. Also wanted to see how blogger handled image uploading


Welcome to my (now) official art based blog of fantastic discovery and shameless self shilling! It took a random name and several hours of banging my head against my desk to create what you now see before you.

As with my first attempt (we'll just forget about that shall we?) this blog will serve mainly as a repository for my many(?) drawings and art based projects that I hope to eventually undertake! However, while personal art is the main focus of this blog...that may not stop me from posting other miscellaneous things as well, only time will tell!

For those of you that followed me on facebook or the 'ol deviantart...I will still totally be posting to those outlets as well (need to expose myself as much as possible).

Guess that's about it...stay tuned for more rumblings from me in the near future!

Curious, but can you guys see the rectangular dudes on the right and left sides of the screen?? (blogger is doing some weird stuff with the wallpaper I made)