Thursday, December 6, 2012

Broken Dreams...errr I mean Wacom Pens =(

So...I dropped my Wacom tablet pen yesterday whilst packing up from my daily grind (known as work) and I am guessing that is what caused the poor thing to stop working. So, as of right now I am currently without a way to digitally input creations onto my computer. Looking into alternatives...(replacement pen? upgrade to an Intuos?) Since I cannot finish anything I've been working on...i'll post some wip stuff instead.

Also, I finally got around to changing my banner....a little embarrassing having my banner and the URL be different ^^;

Monday, December 3, 2012


Well then...according to blogger stats i've had exactly 444 views to my art blog since I started it. That is either disappointing or...a sign of the coming apocalypse. Well regardless, since I haven't posted any of my recent projects...I shall post them now.

I've been keeping myself quite busy with these two projects whilst struggling in trying to come up with a coherent story to tie things in my head together.

First up we have an action pose of what I hope to be a (main?) character Zoe, smacking the head of a hapless Zomboid with her trusty cricket bat. Attempted some new things with this piece, new shading technique, which in retrospect, was a complete waste of time. Also tried using multiple textures on the various bits of this as well.

Next we have my most recently finished project, a piece of fan art of Yoda, the Jedi Master doing a little maintenance on his lightsaber. This was a something that went from a minor thing to a project of passion as it developed. I went a bit overboard with the details I think. Also, this was my first time trying to apply reflections to any surfaces (overall i'm happy with them...but they're definitely something I need to plan ahead for in the future).